Cocktail Ride

[kak, Teil-Raid]

  1. People in the best age go out and party like they are 25 again.
  2. Sophisticated lounges and socializing like there’s no tomorrow.
  3. Drink Responsible.

Pub Ride


  1. Your ride is our mission.
  2. Be the rider or get ridden.
  3. Don’t ride sober.

Private Ride


  1. Our ride is your castle.
  2. Do nothing we wouldn’t do.
  3. What happens on the ride, stays on the ride.

Beach Ride


  1. Sand, sun and fun.
  2. Make sure to get wet.
  3. Leave the embarrassment aside and play our games.

Boat Ride


  1. The less horse power the longer the fun.
  2. Non swimmers accepted life savers on board.
  3. Mouth to mouth approved.


About FLride, LLC

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Hitch Ride on a Luxury Party Bus

Hitch Ride on a Luxury Party Bus

“In faucibus faucibus sem sed dictum, curabitur hendrerit eros eget nibh aliquet, quis dictum tellus ornare”

- Jane Doe

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